Music Consulting

Conception and production of campaign music and artist video

For the new Saturn TV campaign, a new composition by a hip German artist was sought. The challenge: A credible artist who manages to integrate the term "Techn-Nick" into an authentic song and release the song as his own single on the artist channels (Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music).

Production and release of the MC Fitti title "Futureshit" by MC Fitti (Audio & Video).

Influencer Relations

MC Fitti - #FutureTechnik

Content creation and communication

As part of the campaign, MC Fitti became Saturn's credible testimonial. He used Facebook and Instagram to communicate with fans and interested parties about Saturn and Tech Nick. Videos, photos, comments and fan dialogue were part of this comprehensive and groundbreaking influencer campaign with MC Fitti.

A groundbreaking communication campaign about the social media campaign of the influencer MC Fitti.

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