Our new car client is not a real car client at all

Lynk & Co Etat

And because this requires a lot of explanation, we have been working for Lynk & Co. for weeks now, explaining to countless journalists every day why it’s best not to buy the “Lynk & Co 01”, organizing test drives anyway, and having agency lunches with the account team on the side. Just for the photo, of course.

A perfect fit: unordinary car company meets unordinary communications agency. The global mobility brand offers a car (the “01″), a matching monthly cancelable subscription (the membership) and the possibility to share the vehicle. In addition, Lynk & Co opens chic clubs throughout Europe, where you can enjoy art, culture and exclusive benefits. Of course, you can also buy the innovative car from Sweden – but for EUR 500 per month, you get an all-round carefree package. That’s exciting for people with commitment issues, small businesses, free spirits, or anyone who believes, quite rightly, that you don’t need to own a car these days.

Long Story Short: Lynk & Co. is now part of the styleheads® family. We take care of test drives, explanatory videos, long articles in car magazines, beautiful pictures, reviews, technical questions and everything you need to know. In other words, everything that an unconventional car brand expects from its unconventional agency.

Feel free to ask us. We have the answers or will get them for you.

Lynk & Co Etat