Wranglers Commitment to sustainable denim

Wrangler Indigood Collection

The Blue in Blue Jeans

Denim is made when indigo-dyed yarn is weaved between naturally white yarn, creating its signature blue color. Conventional dyeing processes use a lot of energy and water and includes blue wastewater as an output

Indigood™ Commitment

A response to climate change and a global focus on water and energy conservation, Indigood is Wrangler’s promise to discover and implement into our supply chain, the most sustainable ways for dyeing denim. We weave together long-standing practices with new, cutting-edge innovations to make sure our products are made with less water and energy.

Wrangler Indigood Collection
Wrangler Indigood Collection

Foam-Dyed Denim

The latest Indigood™ innovation is foam-dyed denim. Recognizing its potential to revolutionize the industry, Wrangler provided Texas Tech University with early-stage funding and technical guidance for the innovation. Additionally, Wrangler used our place as a global leader in jeanswear to commercialize the technology and this summer, we’ll be the first brand to sell foam-dyed denim.

Foam dyeing fundamentally changes the way indigo is applied to yarn during denim manufacturing. The process uses foam to transfer dye onto yarns, entirely replacing the traditional water vats and chemical baths of conventional indigo dyeing. The foam dye process is the most sustainable way to dye denim.


  • A new innovative foam-dyeing process that uses no water, a 100% percent reduction*
  • Wastewater is virtually eliminated
  • More than 60% less energy than conventional denim dyeing
  • More than 60% waste reduction

*small amounts of water are used to clean machinery and mix solutions

Indigood™ Commitment

The new Wrangler Initiative Indigood is a response to climate change and the global focus on water and energy conservation. Wrangler promises to develop and implement the most sustainable denim dyeing methods in its supply chain, manufacturing and production. The company combines long-standing practices with new innovations to ensure that Wrangler products are manufactured with less water and energy.

Wrangler Indigood Collection

Future of Foam

During summer 2019, Wrangler will launch the first-ever foam-dyed denim as a part of our ICONS F/W ’19 collection. This small collection is only the beginning. We’re working with denim mills in Asia and North America to bring this technology to a larger scale.

Foam-dyed denim won’t just impact Wrangler’s supply chain, it will change our entire industry. We’re excited to be the first brand to sell foam-dyed denim, but we’re even more excited that we won’t be the last.

Further Background on Indigo Dye and Industry Footprint

Water use and wastewater are some of the biggest sustainability challenges in denim manufacturing. From cotton production through finishing, one pair of jeans can use hundreds of gallons of water.

Despite incremental changes toward comfort and sustainability, over the past 150 years, the denim industry has had just a handful of groundbreaking innovations. Among these was the invention of synthetic dyes, which allowed for indigo-dyed fabrics like denim to becomemainstream fashion and workwear. But since the introduction of synthetic indigo in 1897, no innovation has truly revolutionized the industry, until now.