“Board Man Gets Titles”

New Balance Ambassador Kawhi Leonard is honored with his own billboard.

New Balance Ambassador Kawhi Leonard

New Balance Basketball celebrated Kawhi Leonard’s MVP performance (Most Valuable Player Performance) and the Toronto Raptors’ first ever championship victory by putting up a billboard with the slogan “Board Man Gets Titles” on it. After the unveiling of the “Fun Guy” billboard during the Conference Finals and the subsequent “The King of the North is Coming” action in Oakland, the “Board Man Gets Titles” campaign can be admired in Toronto’s downtown area, as well as distributed through the social channels of @NewBalance.

A limited edition celebrating Toronto’s first ever final victory includes the exclusive New Balance MADE 990 and 997 footwear models made in the USA. Personalized T-shirts bearing the name Kawhi Leonards will also soon be available on www.newbalance.com.

Leonard and his former teammates used the saying “board man gets paid” in high school and college to motivate each other to make it into the professional league. “It’s about working hard and ‘controlling the boards’. Whoever manages to collect the important rebounds offensively and defensively and to limit the opponent to a few throws wins the game in the end”, Kawhi Leonard explained during a press conference when he was asked to comment on the slogan. Now that he has won his second title, Board Man Gets Titles serves as a return to his fearless determination to play basketball pro and celebrate his historic achievement in Toronto.

New Balance Ambassador Kawhi Leonard

New Balance has already announced a partnership with Leonard during the All-Star weekend in February with the release of the basketball shoe OMN1S. Since then, New Balance’s re-entry into the basketball arena has been a story written with athletes such as Kawhi Leonard and Darius Bazley. New Balance Basketball has shared the same vision as Kawhi Leonard from the beginning. His game speaks for itself. His performance on the field and his fearlessly independent way of thinking confirm our position as the world’s leading sports brand,” commented Patrick Cassidy, New Balance Global Director of Consumer Marketing.

For exclusive information on the next limited edition celebrating Toronto’s first victory, sign up at www.newbalance.com/basketball and follow @NBHoops on Instagram and Twitter.

New Balance Ambassador Kawhi Leonard