Always up-to-hate: New episodes of CC:N from March 18 on Comedy Central

Back and always up-to-hate: From March 18th on the CC:N – Comedy Central News – with Ingmar Stadelmann again daily a current topic. Also in the third season the most merciless Anchor of the German TV landscape swings again the sarcasm club. We experience for example, who is behind the hate in the net, what actually makes influencers successful or why activists see men’s rights in danger all at once.

Comedy Central CC:N

“We’re now running at 8 p.m. because we’re technically close to real news and not much worse from the research. There is only one competitor for a satire show like CC:N anyway: The Tagesschau”, comments Ingmar Stadelmann on the new slot.

Ingmar Stadelmann in season 3 his Sidekicks Idil Baydar, Alexander Wipprecht, Julia Gámez Martin, Wolf Gerlach and Daniele Rizzo are available as interview partners or outside reporters. Having won many awards, Stadelmann 2019 is on the road on German comedy stages with his stand-up programme “Fressefreiheit – Ein Meinungsstresstest”.

From March 18th on CC:N runs every working day at 8 pm at Comedy Central, the new episodes are also available on the YouTube channel from Comedy Central directly after broadcasting.

CC:N is produced by Banijay Productions in co-production with fairmedia.