Thomas Henry selects the ‘most gorgeous barmixer’ of the nation

Delicious drinks, scrumptious burgers and a lot of fun at the bar.
Thomas Henry hosted a barmixing contest in five major German cities, from June 1st till 29.
Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne and Stuttgart were the stage of this go-to event, where the company welcomed its bartender-buddies to a feast of bitter-lemonades and sandwiches. En passant, the ‘most gorgeous barmixer’ was selected. 


Here’s an overview of Germany’s best barmixers:

Berlin, 1. Juni 2015 – The Dudes Deli Kreuzberg

1st place: David Suchy (verschiedene Bars)
2nd place: Arash Ghassemi (Schwarze Traube / Green Door)
3rd place: Christoph Roulet (Marlene Bar)

Hamburg, 8. Juni 2015 – The Brooklyn Burger Bar

1st place: Bettina „Betty“ Kupsa (The Chug Club)
2nd place: Marcel Baumann (Leobar, Barwerk)
3rd place: Nico Ohlmann (Die Bank)

Frankfurt, 15. Juni 2015 – Bristol Bar

1st place: Chris Stuhr (Bristol Bar)
2nd place: Michele Heinrich (Kinny Bar)
3rd place: Maximilian Martini (Gekkos)

Köln, 23. Juni 2015 – Die Fette Kuh (EN: The Fat Cow)

1st place: Ken Uhse (Ona Mor)
2nd place: Mitch Knoppke (Zum Goldenen Schuss),
3rd place: Frederik Knüll und Dominik Scheu (Spirits)

Stuttgart, 29. Juni 2015 – Schräglage Meals&More

1st place: Michale Tulgay (Schräglage Meals&More)
2nd place: Jonas Hald und Sarah Bechtel (Le petit Coq)
3rd place: Arman Krayt Gülenay (Rizzi, Baden Baden)

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