“From the Spice Bus to the Superhero Hut”

Going on holiday where once film and television history was written – cineasts and serial junkies can now fulfil this dream on Airbnb. On the platform there are several accommodations that served as original film locations for famous films and television series. Fans of the 90s film “Spice World” can stay overnight in the legendary double-decker bus, fans of the popular vampire saga can rent the house in Oregon and lovers can spend a romantic night in bed in an Oscar-winning Shakespeare drama.
Spice Bus Side View
Spice Bus

Followers of the “Girl Power” movement can be happy: The double-decker bus from the popular fan movie “Spice World” can now be booked permanently on Airbnb. The unusual accommodation lies on the Isle OF Wight, an island before the south coast of Great Britain. Pink-colored Union Jack cinema chairs, carpets in Zebraprint as well as magazines and CDs of the 90’s let the spirit of the ultimative Pop decade revive. Up to three people can stay here and spend an unforgettable evening.

Bed in Shakespeare Airbnb
Canopy Bed from Shakespeare Drama

In a picturesque small town in the English county of Suffolk lies this beautiful old vicarage. The star of the historic estate is the carved canopy bed from the seven Oscar-winning Shakespeare drama of 1998. The passionate love scene between the young Shakespeare and his beloved remains unforgotten to this day. The perfect place for a romantic short break.

Original-Schauplatz der Vampir-Saga
Original Scene of the Vampire Saga

Fans of the vampire love story that fascinated moviegoers more than ten years ago can now rent the Original Film House in the US state of Oregon. Since the shooting, the house has remained almost unchanged – even the wall paint is still the same as in the movies. Up to ten guests find place in the house with altogether four bedrooms. The trendy city of Portland is only a short drive away. Anyone planning their next USA adventure should not miss this unique accommodation.

Retreat for Superheroes
Charming Retreat for Superheroes

In this House by the lake in the US state of Atlanta everyone feels like a superhero: The hero of the popular sci-fi thriller with wife and child has withdrawn to this spacious hut. The secluded cottage is surrounded by beautiful nature – here guests can go fishing and horse riding. The perfect day can end with a crackling fireplace.

Original set of a cult series
Original set of a Cult Series

take a vacation where the infamous chemistry teacher and his student once did their criminal business. In preparation for the upcoming film, which continues the story of the series hit, fans can live out their anticipation in this unique accommodation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Four bedrooms and three bathrooms form the backdrop for one of the most exciting episodes of the series. A pool in the garden, a pool table and other amenities leave nothing to be desired. Nearby are other original locations of the series that fans can visit during their stay.