‘Crafted by Komono’ is a Komono portfolio of premium level accessories with high-end materials and details that deserve closer inspection. Each color, curve and component is an ode to authentic craftsmanship.

Vision Refined

The world is flat again. Gone are the days of far-away lands across a bulbous globe. We are all now intimately connected through wires and airwaves, delicate and infinitely light, even a world away. The FW16 Capsule injects this sense of weightless connectivity with new styles that rest effortlessly on your face thanks to paper-thin Italian acetate and stainless steel frames. To complete the metaphor, the new collection features
flat anti-glare lenses, the next great fascination of eyewear aficionados.



Black & Gold White


There is something poetic about viewing the world through two perfect circles. Both an ode to a musical genius and a reminder to give peace a chance, the Lennon infuses the style of today with the golden era of rock.




Black & Gold White


If I’d observed all the rules I’d never have gotten anywhere. – Marilyn Monroe. The Monroe breaks all the rules and never shies away from a bold statement.
It’s the best way to make history after all.




Black & Gold White


The peak of versatility, the Taylor is designed for those looking for the best execution of a classic frame that pairs with any outfit. With delicate lines that sit weightless thanks to a stainless steel frame, these are the trusted favorite for worry-free style.




Tortoise Red, Tortoise, Tortoise Blue, Black/Tortoise


A modern refinement of classic driving glasses, there’s no way you’ll forget these in the glove box. How bold will you go? With a range of handcrafted Italian acetate frames, it’s your choice to go classic or really cut loose.




Tortoise Red, Tortoise, Tortoise Blue, Black/Tortoise


One of the original iconic frame shapes, the Beaumont features a flared temple for a hint of drama paired with KOMONO’s signature sleek lines and a range of handcrafted Italian acetates to choose from.


Die gesamte Komono Capsule FW16 Kollektion ist ab sofort online und bei ausgewählten Einzelhändlern erhältlich.