Festival season is Jägermeister Inn season: every time the stag pops out of the 15 meters-high cuckoo clock, the whole crowd knows it’s that time again: Jägermeister welcomes the festival crowd to kill the time between gigs for partying, cool shots and some surprising live-action!
Also, the infamous livingroom-concerts will be continued this year; guests can look forward to intimate performances from bands such as live sets from Bilderbuch, Kid Simius and Max Herre, gigs from Donots, Eskimo Callboy & Mambo Kurt.

Jägermeister Gasthof

Join us & be part of the experience:

Sputnik Spring Break // 22.5.-24-5.
Rock am Ring // 5.6.-7.6.
Southside Festival // 19.6.-21.6
Deichbrand Rockfestival // 17.7.-19.7.
Helene Beach Festival // 23.7.-25.7.
Wacken Open Air // 30.7.-1.8.

Jägermeister can be enjoyed from 18 and up! Drink responsibly!