Our Job

We were asked to establish Airbnb as the first option for travelers of all ages and to overcome prejudices regarding security and reliability. We went with classic pr, activations, influencer relations and events in lifestyle outlets targeting a wide travel interested audience in Germany.

Influencer Relations

Focus: Product PR

Our goal is to establish Airbnb as a real alternative to hotels and to position the brand as a supplier of exclusive and unique travel experiences. To reach travelers and potential hosts of all ages, we focused on relevant lifestyle and B2B outlets, on- as well as offline.

Playboy, vice, w&v, Business Punk, Refinery29, Grazia

Focus Event

Lary x Airbnb

To generate buzz around Airbnb Experiences program in Germany, we hosted a very special event - a dinner and concert experience with the famous German artist Lary. We invited media partners and well-selected influencers to an underground boxing club in Berlin. The location was chosen referring to the title of Lary’s new album - ‚hart / fragil’. The different courses of the menu were prepared by real Airbnb Experience hosts. Every of the four courses was matched to one of the artist’s songs. Afterwards Lary performed a selection of her new songs live.

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