That Dr Pepper understands its young, urban target group in the best way, shows the mark starting from January with a Streaming offensive, with which it apart from 100.000 sky monthly tickets many further profits in the context of a cover code Promo to win gives.

Unconventional, loud and sometimes polarizing – Dr Pepper presents itself as a brand, similar to its consumers. And from January it addresses them via all touchpoints with a large-scale activation. With codes on action containers like the 0.33l can Dr Pepper Classic and the 1.0l EW Classic bottle buyers have the chance on over 100.000 profits in the period from at the end of January to May.

Sweet Streams are made of this

47% of Dr Pepper consumers stream movies, series and videos up to two hours a day. The cover code promotion thus combines target group-relevant topics such as video streaming and home consumption and offers the complete package for the ultimate streaming evening at home with fat prizes and unique products.

In the campaign period, consumers can include one of 100,000 sky monthly tickets, among other things. In addition, the main prize is one of 150 Ultimate Ears Megaboom loudspeakers, which is not only waterproof, but also with WLAN reception from up to 30 meters distance still provides the best sound.

Consumers also have the chance to sweeten their home streaming experience by winning a popcorn machine at the point of sale at selected LEH top markets and end the evening with binge-watching together with Dr Pepper.

Dr Pepper