‘Crafted by Komono’ is a Komono portfolio of premium level accessories with high-end materials and details that deserve closer inspection. Each color, curve and component is an ode to authentic craftsmanship.

Komono is expanding this successful series of cutting edge quality accessories with four exciting new colors: Black Marble, Black Sand, Concrete and Rose Dust.

These aren’t colors you’ll find on any other spectrum. They push the limits of what a color can be by taking into account the texture and three-dimensional details of the material. They exist by the grace of Komono’s technical and creative innovation, which is why they are exclusive to the premium ‘Crafted’ range.

Rose Dust Modell: The Clement

Rose Dust

Model: The Clement
Black Sand Modell: The Stella

Black Sand

Modell: The Stella
Concrete Dust Modell: The Vivien

Concrete Dust

Modell: The Vivien
Black Marble Modell: The Bennet

Black Marble

Model: The Bennet