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Thomas Henry Mystic Mango

The exotic sweetness of mango, also known throughout Asia as the divine fruit, meets the extraordinary sour-like flavour of pitanga: ready your taste-buds for  Thomas Henry Mystic Mango!
A pure joy, especially when mixed with a spirited partner, like rum, vodka or good old gin.


Thomas Henry Ultimate Grapefruit
In addition to the mango, another southern fruity delight will spark up this summer; the grapefruit. The refreshing aroma of this all-star can now be enjoyed in a bottle: Thomas Henry Ultimate Grapefruit. A summery refreshing drink best enjoyed pure, with tequila in Mexico’s favourite drink ‘Paloma’ or in a scrumptious vodka cocktail.

Available in specialized beverage stores & online, for aprox. 1,15 €


Mystic & Spice

Mystic & Spice

5 cl rum (e.g. Spiced Rum)
20 cl Thomas Henry Mystic Mango

Henry's Paloma

“Henry’s Paloma” – Mexikos Nationalgetränk

4 cl tequila
20 cl Thomas Henry Ultimate Grapefruit Lemonade
1,5 cl freshly squeezed lime juice
pinch of salt

Summer Sin

Summer Sin

5 cl vodka
12 mint leaves
1 cl sugar sirup
2 cl lemon juice
Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic