New Balance is proud to announce its official partnership with the RAD RACE running tour.

The tour returns this year, under its familiar slogan „Stop Racism. Start Raceism“ throughout Germany.
As a part of the event, the bicycle race, which is divided into eight legs, will take place within the framework of the Berlin Cyclist Exhibition.

2015 Tour Dates

20.03.2015: RAD RACE Battle, Berlin
21.03.2015: RAD RACE Last Man Standing, Berlin
30.03.2015: RAD RACE Battle, Berlin
31.03.2015: RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championship, Berlin
13.06.2015: RAD RACE Crit, Köln
15.08.2015: RAD RACE Last Man/Woman Standing, Heidbergring
22.08.2015: RAD RACE Battle, Hamburg
30.08.2015: RAD RACE Bergfest, Frankfurt