Unser Job

This is your race.

A huge part of our work in the running/performance markets in Germany is a strong community management with the opinion leaders of top running crews, who are essential to the German running scene and are considered true trendsetters.

So we decided to take the next step and create unforgettable moments within the German NB running community.

We lit up the weekend of the London Marathon 2022 and invited some of the most important opinion leading and well connected long distance runners in Germany. Surely an unforgettable experience for all of us, which will have a long lasting impact especially for New Balance as the high end running brand in the German market. The runners selected to be part of this event had the chance to grow together into a crew personally and published cutting edge content of this adventure on their social media channels, speaking directly to the running world and New Balance’s community.

The Running Crew

The running crew consisted of:

Pascal Unbehaun a triathlete and runner

Mike Kratzer a runner, New Balance addict and creative producer

Anna-Luisa Ruther runner, design student and Berlin Braves running crew member

Essaw Tesfom Tekle runner, designer and model

Diane Tourlouse runner, photographer and Berlin Braves running crew member

Seb Cadet runner and captain of the Berlin Braves running crew

Hong Anh Pham NB ambassador, part of the Stolen Starts crew for Germany


Shake Out Run in Berlin

To get together and get to know each other before the big trip, the running crew met for an easy shake out run as a group right before the London weekend in Berlin.


The Race Day

And then it was time for the main event. The London Marathon 2022.

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