Mit der neuen Kampagne „Real Life Happening“ stellt Volcom seine Grundsätze einmal mehr unter Beweis. Mit dem Fokus auf „True To This“ und seiner Denim-Line kehrt das kalifornische Label zu seinen Ursprüngen zurück und besticht sowohl durch zeitlose als auch funktionale Styles. Weitere Informationen könnt ihr der folgenden internationalen Pressemitteilung entnehmen.




TA MESA, CA – July 16th, 2015 – Today Volcom introduces the evolution of Volcom Brand Jeans with the launch of ‘Real Life Happening,” a campaign that questions modern technology’s interference with living an adventurous life. The inspiration for the campaign was inspired by Volcom’s newly redesigned denim collection, which embodies the ‘True To This’ movement. With a cleaner approach to timeless style, Volcom Brand Jeans are made for the pursuit of a Real Life Happening, featuring streamlined utility, high quality materials and several new functional characteristics inspired by two decades of life on the road.

In celebration of the ‘Real Life Happening’ campaign Volcom produced a video that was shot throughout the United States over the course of 8 months, featuring indie-legends Run The Jewels and Kurt Vile alongside Volcom’s world-renowned skate team as they ‘climb through the windows of their consciousness’. Through this video, Volcom presents a clear vision of ‘Real Life Happening’ and it’s effort to remind people to get off their phones and do something.

“To highlight this momentous occasion we wanted to create a video that captures the life we live but present it in a way that embodies the sometimes disorienting, modern social-savvy and screen-hungry world we’re immersed in”, explains Mike Aho, Volcom Global Creative Director. “We really want to reflect upon the way people communicate today and examine how that affects the act of living life.”

Volcom continues to expand its legacy with the introduction of a new signature style denim, the Form Fit, inspired by the natural fit of well-worn jeans and the manner in which their shape conforms to your body. The naturally contoured shape in pattern was created to emulate functional form and enhance overall performance. The Form Fit is available in both the Vorta and Solver styles.

The full denim offering for Volcom Brand Jeans include the 2X4, Vorta, Solver and Kinkade, available in a wide range of washes. All fits have been upgraded with straight waistbands and straight outseams for a better feel, hang and look on the waist and hips. Signature Volcom details such as the “V” belt loop, hidden cell phone pocket, and 2 piece coin pocket remain while additional details have been upgraded such as the zippers and washer rivets. Volcom skate team rider Dustin Dollin sums it up best, “Volcom jeans fit right, they look good and they stand up to the abuse, what more could you ask for?”.

Volcom Brand Jeans have also elevated their performance features adding durability and hold through a dual finish metal buckle button secured by a bar tacked piece of denim fabric, snag-free movement from embroidered rivets, and a clean finished interior providing less chafing and added comfort. Enhanced moisture wicking properties of the performance denims also provide a faster dry time allowing your body to stay cool.

“We wanted to follow the brand history but also evolve by looking at the past and modernizing it, explains JJ Gonzales, Volcom Men’s Senior Denim Designer, “It all comes down to the detail and we don’t cheat on the details which we really take pride in. We pushed for a super clean look while still staying true to the signature Volcom features.”

The Real Life Happening campaign also features photography from the likes of Alexandra Valenti, Arto Saari, Matt Wignall and Gary Copeland who each brought their unique style and expertise to the brand. “Volcom was built on the idea of getting out there and doing something,” says Ryan Immegart, Volcom EVP of Global Marketing, “to inspire people to go skate, make a record, paint a picture, anything that contributes to the creative energy in the world and participation in making ‘Real Life’ happen.”

The new Volcom Brand Jeans are now available online at and at select retailers worldwide.